About US

Now taking clients in the Traverse City, Michigan area as we will be transitioning to that area in 2023-24. We will of course still take on clients who have supported us for over 20 years in the Chicago area

We specialize in trim transformations, either replacing existing trim with updated base and doors or painting your existing trim to an updated white color.

Started in 1992: 

The company was started by Mark King as a painting company concentrating in apartment, condo, and townhouse complex interiors and exteriors. Later the company branched into residential re-paints, light commercial offices, and offered more painting services and techniques. We focus now primarily on residential re-paints and trim carpentry installations for clients who are looking for professional, clean, reliable and trustworthy painters and carpenters. However, feel free to inquire about your painting or trim project as we will consider any job in the painting/carpentry industry as long as we feel we have the qualifications to complete the job to the client's satisfaction.


About the owner: 

The owner, Mark King, started painting/carpentry while in high school. Throughout college (while earning a degree in Architectural design) and shortly after he worked for a small contractor who taught him all aspects of the painting trade including painting, staining, wall repairs, and much more. Over the years, Mark was able to fine-tune his painting skills and went out on his own. Mark has been on various job sites since he was a kid, as his grandfather was a general contractor (specializing in trim carpentry)who did numerous projects in downtown Chicago and its surrounding suburbs for over 40 years. He continues to strive for his client's satisfaction and is always looking to improve his knowledge of painting techniques and new high tech tools in the ever-changing paint and carpentry industry. You will find that the crew size of MAK Decorating is usually between 2 and 5 employees. We are always trying to find the right people that will fit into our system and philosophy when it comes to being reliable, trustworthy and having good craftsmanship skills.