exterior services

**Currently not taking on any type of exterior work, sorry for the inconvenience** 


Cedar siding, aluminum siding, all types of exteriors. Ranches, two-stories, high peaks. Staining and varnishing of wood entrance and overhead doors.

Exterior Services Offered:

Power Washing

Power washing is an excellent method of removing dirt, mold, and mildew which causes the wear and tear of your home's exterior surfaces. We use a solution of TSP and bleach to remove the mildew and dirt followed by a complete rinsing to ensure the perfect surface for applying new stain or paint.

Painting and Staining

First we will scrap any loose paint and remove any loose or cracking caulk. We'll then spot prime any bare wood with a quality oil base primer and replace caulk as needed with a 55-year siliconized acrylic caulk.

We use quality Benjamin Moore paints  and stains for your exterior siding, soffits, fascias, doors, and windows. We can computer-match any color in Benjamin Moore products so feel free to pick the color you feel is right for your lifestyle. In the Chicago area, we recommend staining your cedar siding every 6-8 years.

Cleaning and Sealing Decks

Depending on the current condition of your deck, we'll remove any current finishes using the correct cleaner or stripper and then rinse the deck well. After allowing it to dry completely, we'll then sand the surface smooth to remove any remaining dirt or grain that raised due to the cleaning process. We then apply a coat of Sikkens SRD to the surface. Sikkens SRD comes in a choice of 9 wonderful shades; it should be easy to find one that suits your needs. Decks should be maintained every 18-24 months to completely protect them from the sun's UV Rays and weathering from temperature extremes.

Wood Repair

To save time, we will replace small amounts of rotten wood siding prior to painting. We will replace with quality wood and pre-prime all sides prior to installation. We will also replace rotting deck boards prior to cleaning and sealing your decks.