INterior services

Our process

Complete interior painting:

  • Setting up a room to paint consists of the following:
  • Apply drop cloths to cover flooring, furniture, etc.
  • Prep walls and ceilings; fix all nail pops, dings, dents, etc.; sand patched areas smooth and spot prime
  • Fix any major drywall imperfections, if applicable (additional charges required for major drywall repairs)
  • Apply coat of paint to ceilings (usually ceiling white unless specified prior to painting)
  • Apply finish coat of paint in sheen of choice to walls for complete coverage. (Deep colors that require more than two coats will add to labor and materials to pricing.)
  • Completely clean up area and move any large furniture back to original location. Remove all materials and debris off the site. If we are to return to continue other areas, we will usually find a spot in the house to store our materials and tools out of the way as to not cause an inconvenience to the homeowners.
  • Finish coats will be in Benjamin Moore's Aura line of paints (unless noted otherwise) for more info on AURA visit

Current and past clients:

  • Homeowners for interior and exterior painting
  • Contractors or designers for new construction or remodeling projects
  • Management companies for maintenance painting
  • Homeowner Associations for maintenance painting
  • Physicians and their administrators for re-paints of offices

We specialize in trim transformations:

  • Priming and painting existing stained trim and doors
  • Removing and replacing the entire door with frame
  • Replacing just the door slab with a new 2 panel, 3 panel etc style of door
  • Upgrading 3 inch baseboards to a new 5 inch more modern style of base throughout the home